Higher Medical

Your Health Is Our Focus

Know Higher Medical In Brief

Higher Medical Was established as a National private investment medical company in 2007, designed and licensed according to the Egyptian law to Support healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients. Higher Medical Focuses on production, marketing, and distribution of Medical device, pharmaceutical, and consumer products, which shows a tradition of excellence in offering a wide range and premium quality affordable products. With a persistent progress and respected presence in Egyptian and international markets
Over a journey of years, we remain committed to our vision through every aspect of our business, by enabling better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems. Higher medical

Our Vision

Our vision describes what we strive for.
To be a trusted leader in changing patients life
This vision is based on our ambitions, our leading competencies in the field and our passion
about making a difference for people

Our Mission

To play our part in tackling health challenges by helping people feel better, do more.
Our promise is:
To continue providing superior quality medical products that improve lives
To extend the benefits of our products to more people
To ethically Support healthcare professionals
To continuously enhancing our standards, and training for our people
To perform more than ordinary

Our Values

  • Integrity:
    We conduct our business consistent with all applicable laws and honesty in our dealings
    with customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, and the community.
  • Excellence:
    We provide premium quality of medical products and strive to deliver superior business
  • Respect for People:
    We maintain an environment built on mutual respect for all people
    who touch our company: customers, employees, suppliers, and communities.
  • Transparency:
    A big part of gaining trust is being transparent – being open and clearly disclosing
    what we do, how we work and where we are successful